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Above Photo by: Randy Scherkenbach

Why I'm Running...

For the last six years, I have had the honor of representing our community as County Board Supervisor. Additionally, for the past four years I have served as a Town of Waupun Board Supervisor. My top priorities have been public safety, maintaining low property taxes, fiscal responsibility of our tax dollars and responsible local government.  


During my time in county government, I had the privilege of working with the late Allen J. Buechel on county board matters and as treasurer of his last re-election campaign. I learned from Allen that successful county government is a team effort. We must partner with town, village, and city governments as well as the community to solve issues facing our municipalities. Allen’s love for Fond du Lac County was at the heart of every decision he made and he left a lasting legacy for our county. 


If elected as your next County Executive, I will build on Allen’s legacy of strong partnerships with local governments, ensure that public safety remains a top priority, maintain fiscally conservative policies, invest in capital improvements that benefit future generations, and pursue economic and workforce developments that attract and retain families who are proud to call Fond du Lac County "Home."  

I would be honored to serve as your next County Executive and kindly ask for your vote on June 7, 2022.


Envision Greater Fond du Lac Interview

May 11, 2022 | Sam sat down with Joe Venhuizen from Envision Greater Fond du Lac earlier this week to talk about why he's running for County Executive and what he sees as his priorities in the first 100 days. Watch the video here!

Fond du Lac Reporter Interview

May 10, 2022 |Looking to know more about Sam and his campaign for County Executive?  Click here to read the article published in the Fond du Lac Reporter on May 10, 2022. 


Sam Kaufman Announces Candidacy 

April 4, 2022 | Sam Kaufman of Waupun proudly announces his candidacy for Fond du Lac County Executive. See press release below for the official announcement.   



I'm humbled by the amount of support from our community in my bid for County Executive and am honored to announce the following endorsements as I begin my campaign.

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Ryan F. Waldschmidt

"As Fond du Lac County Sheriff, I’m honored to endorse Sam Kaufman for Fond du Lac County Executive. Sam knows that a safe community is a strong community, and that is why he has been such a proponent of law enforcement, fire and EMS in his time as county board supervisor.  He takes the time to listen to our concerns, understand the issues, and make informed decisions that support our work, and as County Executive I’m confident he’ll continue to make public safety a priority in Fond du Lac County.  Please join me in voting Sam Kaufman for County Executive!"

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney

"I’ve known Sam Kaufman for over a decade and he is a man of integrity that will build on our past successes honoring Allen Buechel’s legacy while also planning for our future. He will support our cops and public safety and embody the principles of strong local government by making sound decisions for the right reasons. Please join me in supporting Sam Kaufman for County Executive.” 

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt

State Representative Michael Schraa

State Senator Dan Feyen

Former & Retired Fond du Lac City and County Elected Officials

  • Retired Sheriff Mylan "Mick" Fink

  • Retired Sheriff Jim Gilmore 

  • Retired Circuit Court Judge Gary Sharpe 

  • Former City Council President Sam Meyer 

  • Retired District Attorney Thomas Storm

  • Retired Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy and Former Fond du Lac School Board Member Mark Strand

Fond du Lac County Board Supervisors 

  • County Supervisor Michael Beer 

  • County Supervisor & Town of Auburn Chairman Ken Depperman
  • County Supervisor Thomas Dornbrook 

  • County Supervisor & Town of
    Fond du Lac Chairman Robert Giese 

  • County Supervisor John Rickert  

  • County Supervisor Bob Simon

  • County Supervisor Dennis Stenz

  • County Supervisor Dean Will 

  • County Supervisor Gary Will  

  • County Supervisor Michael Will 

  • County Supervisor Marty Ryan

  • County Supervisor Steve Abel 

    • “ I have had the privilege of getting to know Sam Kaufman over the last six years that he has served on the County Board with me. Sam’s service on the County Board combined with his service as a supervisor for the town of Waupun has proven that he truly understands local government. I am confident that Sam is the most qualified person to move Fond du Lac forward in a positive direction. Since there is an organized effort by a couple of individuals with write-in campaigns, it is more important than ever that we actually get out to vote on Tuesday June 7th. Don’t just assume that Sam will win by default since he is the only person on the ballot. In a low-turnout special election like this, your vote counts more than ever. “

  • Former County Supervisor Tom Kitchen

    • ​"Over the last 5 years I have known Sam Kaufman while serving on the Fond du Lac County Board.  While we do not agree politically on many things, I have grown to appreciate his honesty and integrity. He shows a great deal of respect for the opinions of others and has always been open to  working with people on the entire political spectrum to resolve the issues facing Fond du Lac County. I believe Sam has the experience to lead as our next County Executive and will continue to work with others to do what is best for the County.  That is why I endorse Sam for County Executive and ask that you join me in voting for him on June 7th."

Fond du Lac County Town Chairman

  • Town of Eldorado Chairman Gary Miller 

    • “Supervisor Kaufman understands the issues of responsible local government and will be a strong leader in partnering with local officials to solve problems that affect the residents in each of our townships, villages and cities.” 

  • Town of Oakfield Chairman Ed Smith 

  • Town of Ripon Chairman Barry Vande Brink 

  • Town of Taycheedah Chairman Joe Thome

  • Town of Waupun Chairman Randy Vande Slunt 

  • Town of Eden Chairman Richard Guell

  • Town of Osceola Chairman Terry Leininger

  • Former Town of Osceola Chairman Tom Thompson

Fond du Lac County Village Presidents 

  • Village of Eden President Cory St. Mary 

  • Village of Rosendale President Kurt Caramanidis

  • Former Village of Rosendale President Duane Ciske

  • Village of North Fond du Lac President Mike Streetar

  • Village of Oakfield President Dan Redman  

Other Elected Officials

  • Lakeside Municipal Court Judge Jerry Jaye

  • Waupun Mayor Rohn Bishop

    • "Sam is a good guy with an awesome family. He has good values and cares about Fond du Lac County. Sam will bring the same passion, work ethic, and frugalness that Allen Buechel brought to that position. I look forward to working with Sam; I know him well, and I'm confident we'll work well together to help keep Waupun, and all of Fond du Lac County, a great place to live, work, and play. I encourage people to get out and vote this week, or on June 7 for Sam Kaufman for County Executive."

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