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Mercury Marine, Alliance Laundry Systems, Excel Engineering, Inc.,  J.F. Ahern Co., C.D. Smith Construction Inc. and many other corporations call Fond du Lac County home. Over the years our county partnerships with Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County Capital Resources and local municipalities have created an environment suitable for corporations to be successful. As County Executive, I will remain focused on maintaining those existing corporate relationships and expanding opportunities for new corporations to call Fond du Lac County home. 

I firmly believe that local governments have a responsibility to use our tax dollars wisely and for purposes that will achieve long-term benefits to the citizens of Fond du Lac County. If elected County Executive, I will submit to the County Board of Supervisors fiscally conservative annual budgets which provide for reasonable and necessary capital improvements, economic development opportunities, public safety, and maintenance and improvements to our recreational parks and trails. 

Planning for a new county jail, highway construction projects, and improvements to our existing recreational trails and parks are but a few of the projects included in the 

Fond du Lac County five year capital improvement plan.


As County Executive I will continue to seek both state and federal grants and the issuance of low interest rate bonds to assist in funding ongoing and new projects that benefit our community.  

The safety of Fond du Lac County families will always be a top priority. As County Executive I will' not only work to ensure that our law enforcement and emergency service agencies are properly equipped and staffed to serve our citizens, but also work to ensure the safety of our emergency services personnel. These dedicated men and women who risk their lives each day to serve the citizens of Fond du Lac County will always be shown appreciation and respect from the Office of the County Executive. 

A key component in economic development is a strong policy on workforce development. In today's labor market we are experiencing a labor shortage in the skilled trades industry. As County Executive I will work directly with both our universities and technical colleges to create programs that provide educational training focused on skilled trades.


Additionally, I will continue to partner with Envision Greater Fond du Lac to pursue opportunities that attract job seekers and their families to Fond du Lac County and gain employment in one of our many local industries. 

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